Uniform code

Performers and Parents

Here is the official uniform list, please can you make sure that you come to Redz with all the correct items. The whole idea of a uniform is so that you all look neat and smart, so please can you stick to the list below.

  • Official Redz tops only are to be worn at all Redz events, these are donated by the Redz logo • Girls are to wear black footless leggings. •
  • Boys are to wear black tracksuit bottoms. •
  • Black jazz trainers for the boys. •
  • Black ballet shoes with barefeet and uniform. •
  • Girls to wear Redz hair scrunchies or red clips NO long fringes. •
  • NO bangles, bracelets or necklaces to be worn during sessions or activities. •
  • Ultimately the Redz uniform reduces expense for parents and resolves requests from children for unnecessary, fashion-driven attire. The uniform can also become a base for accessorizing. •
  • Girls will also need a black leotard for Redz performances; this can be purchased through Redz.