Common question we get ask all the time, so before you get in touch please see if your question is on our list, if not then give us a call.
Q: I don’t know in which session my daughter/son should enrol – how can I determine that?

A: If you are unsure, please email Redz and we will contact you to talk through the choices. Plus, we can arrange a free trial class.

Q: How can I pay my fees?

A: Redz Performing Academy fees are payable via Cheque/Bank transfer or Standing order over 12 months.

Q: Can I start a class in mid-season?

A: Yes, in most cases. We welcome students any time through mid-term and can pro-rate your tuition fees accordingly. However, if we are preparing for a show, we may have a half term cut off. Just talk to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your young performer.

Q: Why do you have a dress code?

A: We have a strict dress code for all of our Staff and Young Performers, which makes everyone feel they belong and to avoid the distraction of named brands and frills. It is also important for the coach to see how the performer is implementing the technical aspect of the dance/ role being taught. Finally, it builds respect and discipline for the art form.

Q: Where can I get the uniform from?

A: All of the uniform is available from Redz as well as other Redz merchandise, except for the plain black leggings which are supplied by yourselves. All orders can be done through our location Principals.

Q: Does Redz close during adverse weather conditions?

A: Redz Performing Academy may close due to snow in conjunction with the location due to the safety aspect. Please call 01276 767549 or email your location Principal at the time of these decisions.